Therapy & Consultation

We raise awareness while offering guidance that awakens people’s ability to claim responsibility for the direction of their life path and the level of contentment in their relationships through:

Individual Psychotherapy Hypnotherapy
Couples counseling Psychological-Spiritual coaching
Family counseling Energy Clearing
Voice Dialogue facilitations MCBT (Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
Groups/Workshops Weight Maintenance Program –

Short Term Groups 2020:
Loosening the Grip of Habit Patterns

Habit patterns we bring from previous life times and also accumulate in this life time, dominate our actions and decisions without our awareness. In this five-meeting group we will identify some of these habit patterns and through experiential activities begin to focus on their loosening

This will be a partly didactic and mainly experiential group.

It is strongly suggested that participants are able to attend all five groups.

Five Friday evenings 7pm to 8:30pm:

Dates: 3/13, 4/24, 5/15, 6/26 and 7/24/20
Investment: $105 per group
Location: Lynbrook
To register call: 516.568.0306


In this group we will explore the similarities and differences between Companionship and Friendship. We will look at how Friendship can evolve into Companionship, delve into the specific aspects of Companionship, and examine how and why Companionship is connected to Divinity, creating a stronger and more durable bond between people.

Three Friday evenings 7pm to 8pm:

Dates: 9/25, 10/30, 11/20
Investment: $95 per group
Location: Lynbrook
To register call: 516.568.0306

The above services are offered at our locations in Long Island and at our Koumidou Outdoor Retreat Center in upstate New York.

For more information please call our offices at 516.568.0306.

Theories and methodologies are being utilized that support and work well with our mission. Through Ms. Koumidou’s extensive experience interweaving traditional approaches with psycho-spiritual disciplines, the following theories and modalities serve as the foundation for our programs: the theory of the Psychology of the Selves and the Voice Dialogue Method, the teachings of Meher Baba, Quantum Physics theory and the use of hypnotherapy, art, movement, dream work and energetics.

New Book Release
Responding to Loneliness and Longing

This small book, borne from a dialogue between two close friends, offers unique answers to two age-old questions: Why am I still lonely? Why does nothing I do sate this longing I sometimes feel?.

As much of humanity finds itself increasingly driven to distraction, finding answers to these questions is a pressing need. Why do some of us feel a compulsive need to shop, to be entertained, to check our phones? Why, even in the midst of friends and family, do we feel isolated? Why, after acquiring a long-hoped-for good, is there a nagging sense that something is still missing?

After decades of introspection into these and related questions, Yolanda Koumidou, a psychotherapist and poet, and Renate Moritz, a teacher and painter, found themselves in an intense conversation that, over the course of several years, they expanded into this book.

The concepts that the two authors bring forward here are revelatory—and not at all prescriptive. This is not a how-to book in any sense. Instead of recommending a new way to do this or to do that, the book delves into still-deeper questions: Why do so many people experience loneliness as an undercurrent of their lives? And what if this experience is, in fact, inescapable? What if it is intrinsic to the human experience?

Drawing on Sufi and Christian concepts, the teachings of Meher Baba, the Theory of the Psychology of the Selves, and their own lived experience, Yolanda and Renate take the reader on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery. By journey’s end, the world does not appear the same. A new awareness of the fundamental causes of loneliness unleash untapped inner resources. As the authors have found, the creativity of the heart offers a way to make use of the existential predicament of human longing.

$15 – tax and shipping included within the USA, click link to buy on