Therapy & Consultation

We raise awareness while offering guidance that awakens people’s ability to claim responsibility for the direction of their life path and the level of contentment in their relationships through:

Individual Psychotherapy Hypnotherapy
Couples counseling Psychological-Spiritual coaching
Family counseling Energy Clearing
Voice Dialogue facilitations Coaching for Internet Dating
Groups/Workshops Weight Maintenance Program –

New Group Event in 2018: Loneliness and What To Do With It

This five-meeting group will focus on two specific questions: Where does loneliness come from? How to soothe it? We will talk about loneliness, its connection to spirituality and creativity and how it affects major decisions in our life. You will walk away with a renewed and fresh understanding of the state of loneliness and creative new ways of handling it.

Dates: 3/8, 4/12, 5/3, 6/14, 6/21 2018
Investment: $95 per group
Location: Lynbrook
To register call: 516.568.0306

The above services are offered at our locations in Long Island and at our Koumidou Outdoor Retreat Center in upstate New York.

For more information please call our offices at 516.568.0306.

Theories and methodologies are being utilized that support and work well with our mission. Through Ms. Koumidou’s extensive experience interweaving traditional approaches with psycho-spiritual disciplines, the following theories and modalities serve as the foundation for our programs: the theory of the Psychology of the Selves and the Voice Dialogue Method, the teachings of Meher Baba, Quantum Physics theory and the use of hypnotherapy, art, movement, dream work and energetics.