Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas, LCSW, BCD, CHt.


The ILMI is a process
aiming in inspiring, guiding and supporting
a focused effort to identify and dislodge habit patterns
contributing to the disruption of inner life advancement.

Individuals entering this process
need to have already been involved in some form of inner exploration
promoting self-responsibility and either on a spiritual path
or if not spiritually inclined, then leading a life of integrity and curiosity.

This mentoring process is based on the premise
that as humans, we are endowed with the natural ability
to modify, remold or even undo past Karma.

The Process is offered in four levels

Evaluation -2hrs
Evaluating participant’s readiness for the 3-Day Process and if ready, describe and begin the preparation for the process.

3-Day Process -10hrs
Held either at the Quietude Retreat Center in upstate NY or nationally/internationally, based on either the facilitator’s recommendation or the participant’s choice of state or country.

One year follow up -at least four meetings
Optional, but strongly encouraged

Mentoring ongoing visits -as needed

Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas, LCSW

Group Retreats: Quietude Retreat Center

Group Retreats:

Our Retreats trigger shifts in habit and thought patterns, through experiential methodologies, mainly in the outdoors, activating psycho-logical and psycho-spiritual re-adjustment thus broadening the inner landscape.

What methodologies are utilized at the Retreat?

Voice Dialogue Facilitations Talk Therapy Dream Interpretation
Hypnotherapy Meditation Energy Clearing
Writing Silence Art
Music Psychodrama Dance/Movement
Spiral Walk Gong Bath Awareness Release Technique

Who is the Retreat for?

All participants are expected to already have done or be involved in some form of inner work. At least one private meeting with Yolanda Koumidou is required before being accepted into any Retreat.

What to expect from the Retreat?

Participants’ testimonies based on personal and direct experience from the Retreats answer this question best.
Please refer to the Testimonials page.

Couples Retreats: Quietude Retreat Center

During this 3-day retreat designed for married couples as well as couples in committed relationships, you will learn simple and powerful ways to use your relationship as a guide and a teacher on your journey together. Our couples retreat will change the way connection and distance are viewed and handled in relationships. You will gain insight on transforming judgment into an empowering tool. You will develop skills to strengthen your energetic connection with your partner so you can enjoy ever-deepening intimacy and richness in your relationship. You will learn how to:

  • Develop lasting communication skills
  • Open and strengthen sexual energy
  • Deepen your connection with your partner
  • Recover lost intimacy and excitement

Special features of our couples retreats:

  • Gain an immediate, new, and clear perspective on your relationship
  • Get unstuck from old patterns
  • In a single weekend experience deep, permanent change
  • Combine work, rest and time away alone together in absolute privacy surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility at our 70-acre Koumidou Outdoor Retreat Center

Individual Private Retreats: Quietude Retreat Center

Inspired by cutting edge theories and methodologies like Voice Dialogue and Ecopsychology and age-old teachings from a multitude of esoteric traditions, Yolanda Koumidou has pioneered these Private Individual Retreats based in upstate New York.

This retreat is designed for individuals who have been or are currently in therapy and are ready to transcend their self-awareness to action in their everyday life. These retreats support and validate the work you have already done, taking you to the next level in your personal growth. This is an intensive, life-changing weekend experience.

This is a three-day retreat. The first day we have a 2 hour meeting and the next two days we meet 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon for focused work. The rest of the day is yours to use and enjoy. Whatever theme you bring, you will leave with a sense of renewed appreciation for as well as clarity about yourself and your life path.

Retreat dates are individually scheduled, at least a month in advance, by calling our Center 516.568.0306

Surrounded by woods, meadows, ponds and streams, in absolute privacy, you will:

  • Utilize the Healing Power of Nature
  • Eavesdrop on the Whispers of Your Heart and Soul
  • Reclaim Your Inherent Connection to the Earth
  • Understand Your Dreams’ Language
  • Connect to Your Body’s Needs
  • Cross the Daily Life’s Limits

Personal Time at the Quietude Retreat Center

You may utilize the Earth-Sheltered Cave House for a few days, if you long for solitude, privacy in nature and Forest Bathing.

There has now been scientific evidence from research in Japan showing that spending time in nature contributes in specific health benefits. They sight that quiet atmosphere, beautiful scenery, pleasant aromas and fresh, clean air in forests induces a state of physiologic relaxation. Studies have linked relief of symptoms connected to heart disease, depression, cancer, anxiety and attention disorders to people walking through or staying overnight in forests. Spending time in the woods, can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is involved in the function of the immune system and blood pressure and when inhaling the aromatic compounds emitted by trees and plants called phytoncides, there are biological changes similar to aromatherapy. Furthermore, changes were also noted in the blood associated with protection against cancer, better immunity and lower blood pressure. (information adopted from article in Time Magazine, July 25th, 2016, entitled, The Healing Power of Nature).