Inner Life Mentoring International

“Having just completed 3 days of Inner Life Mentoring with Yolanda, I feel like I am just a little quieter. It’s not that all of my life issues have been resolved. Nor have I come out with a big new plan. But rather, I feel so much more confident that I understand where my actions, words, emotions, and reactions come from. And the same for others in my life, which leaves me space for compassion and understanding. It is this confidence that I know will help me to see things from a higher place, and respond in the future from a place of knowing and confidence when they unfold in my day to day life. Spending committed blocks of time with Yolanda, particularly off of the customary office couch, allowed us to spend more time just chatting honestly about my past, my thoughts, and my experiences without a clock to dictate our course. And it was during those discussions that the deep truths came out. Many that I had never considered before.

Yolanda opened up the space, listened intently, curled up in her place of wisdom, and then pounced when she finds something of clarity to share. And each time, it was an ah-ha moment. Yolanda gave me the space to dive deeply when I had the energy, and rest when I didn’t – but her energy was boundless. Yolanda was also honest – she didn’t just tell me exactly what I wanted to hear, whether that truth sat perfectly with my personal narrative or not. She connected things – from my past, my family, etc – but more importantly, she sparked me to connect things myself by opening the dialogue and lighting the path. Yolanda didn’t just give me the answers – sometimes she said that I might not ever get past some of the issues in my life – but that I could learn to navigate them better. That felt real, empowering and within reach.

Can’t wait for the next round!”

Jeff Kaplan

“Yolanda…you have a warmth of a mother, understanding of a friend and knowledge of a worlds best therapist. The combination of all this made me feel so secure and unjudged that I could open up to you and reveal all my vulnerability…Even though initially I was nervous and was trying to use my mind a lot, your understanding eyes your accepting energy of heart told me to just trust and follow your instincts…Yolanda I have never trusted someone the way I trusted you and now I know it was all for good reason. Your good intentions showed in every question you asked, your intentions to make me aware of myself showed every time you knoded your head to say you understand and see me and my frustrations. You knew exactly when to give me space and leave me alone…I think this work didn’t end that day, it’s going to be working on it’s own on me for years to come and I know that was your intention…”

Sammy Singh

“Yolanda Koumidou is the best therapist I have ever experienced or met. As a result, I set up the Inner Life Mentoring International retreat to be able to create the next chapter of my life on another level. Yolanda is highly intuitive , wise, grounded, practical, wholistic, deeply caring, supportive and points out what is important and someone who has earned my trust. The Inner Life Mentoring process met and exceeded my expectations. We have put in place how to sustain the awareness and transformation as well.”


“Joining the Inner Life Mentoring Individual Private Retreat with Yolanda was a unique experience. Going through the midst of a crisis in my life, the retreat helped me to gain clarity and dissipated some of the fog that surrounded me. It helped me to connect with the parts of myself that I need to be mostly aware of, in understanding the role they have played in shaping my present reality. Through different techniques and exercises I was able to acknowledge and honor my feelings and embrace the emotional state where I currently am. The retreat takes place in a tranquil and peaceful landscape that helped me to leave the hecticness and commotion of my busy city life, and be nurtured by the serenity of nature. Yolanda guided me with care and awareness. She was very gentle, and understanding throughout the time spent at the retreat. It was indeed a great investment on my personal growth.”


“I left my three day Inner Life Mentoring Retreat with Yolanda feeling completely satisfied. Our energy work and Voice Dialogue facilitations nourished my body, soul and spirit. Having a part of me who is insatiable, wanting always more and running for the next best thing shift, was such a transformative experience…My deepest gratitude Yolanda.”

Elizabeth Alanis

International Psychological-Spiritual Retreats

“This was my first time on one of Yolanda’s retreats. Not knowing what to expect, I allowed myself to be open to the experience. The serenity and inspirational beauty of Assisi offered the perfect setting to remove myself from distraction, to contemplate on the shape and direction my life was taking. The programs as offered by Yolanda offered a true vehicle for inward reflection. The following and meditating on St. Francis’ devotional path and Yolanda’s daily programs were in such harmony. The insights gained on the retreat have left an indelible mark and have provided me with tools to return to as I continue to face life’s challenges. It was also a lot of fun! I am thankful that I provided myself with the gift of this retreat.” – Ruth

“The journey provided me with the ability to witness our Oneness…” – Gloria

“This is my 5th international retreat with Yolanda. Yolanda’s wisdom, insights and knowledge bring so much to the retreats, it is utterly amazing. Her ability to intuitively know what is good for the group never ceases to amaze me. She has been given so many gifts, in so many ways, and she shares these gifts with us in the work that we do on these retreats… So much more in connecting the dots to live a more peaceful life….” – Annie

“Bali was a bounty of natures paradise…The spirituality in the air was palpable. The adventures fun. The retreat leader insightful, supportive and thought provoking. Went so far away …. only to find more of me. What a gift.” – Mary A.

“This was an experience of a lifetime…The peace and serenity I felt, working and playing with Yolanda and this incredible group of women during the week, was a spiritual lifesaver for me. Surrounded by Nature’s beauty and the gentleness of the people around me, my heart and soul were revived. I will forever remain thankful for the opportunity and ability to be a part of this retreat.” – RR

“Yolanda’s insight cut to the core of my issues quickly and gently. I feel deeply changed by this experience…The presents that I received were life changing.” – Judith

“Yolanda’s presentation did not fail to assist me in looking at “what lights the fire within me”. Discussion and activities allow me to identify areas which I left fall to the wayward side in the busyness of life. Yolanda, I thank you for bringing new lightness into my day.” – GM

“I came in this retreat expecting to find an answer to a burning question in my life right now. Instead, it became clear that there is no answer to that question AND I ended up having a profound breakthrough due to an experience within the retreat that I never could have planned. I am going home so much lighter than how I arrived and look forward to seeing how things unfold as a result.” – Beth M.

“The retreat was a mixture of deep work and surprising adventure. Lead by Yolanda Koumidou, an insightful therapist and teacher, the retreat was an experience of a lifetime…” – Janet N.

“the retreat was an eye opening adventure that challenged me to look deep inside myself…Do not miss this adventure.” – Jim

“This is my 6th International Retreat with Yolanda…My awareness has grown leaps and bounds…Yolanda has such intuitive energy and her insight on how one operates through life is amazing. Her ability to confront others to create more awareness for them, how she connects with each individual is one of the greatest gifts I have received. We receive inner gifts that money can’t buy and we go home richer with knowledge of ourselves and how we operate in this world. Yolanda is the only person I know who has such ability and gifts to run retreats like these…” – Annie

“Greece was the perfect setting to explore my inner gods and goddesses (archetypes) with beautiful people on a similar journey. The experience was guided by a wise teacher/leader fully present and divinely inspired. For me, best retreat yet.” – M.A.

“I arrived, all of me, as I was.
Then in the midst of sun and storm…
I sought, found, laughed, cried, fought, surrendered, lived and loved – each with all of my heart.
I leave, all of me, as I am…
perhaps even a bit more humble, softer and wiser.”
– Mary

“My experience in attending this retreat allowed for the depth of personal work to go to such a deep level allowing me to enter “into the mystic” journey…” – GM

“Traveling to India with Yolanda was a memorable experience for me…Yolanda’s program was excellent and seamlessly woven into our daily adventures…I was surprised how safe and intimate our small group felt to me within a very short period of time, considering we did not know each other before the trip…it was a great journey, combining exotic travel and personal growth in one incredible adventure. This was my first traveling retreat with Yolanda and I am looking forward to others in the future.” – Ana

“It was an intense week of inner and outer journey…it is a lovely way of doing issues work being abroad, in nature…” – Patricia

“This retreat is an opportunity to be able to use all your five senses…Yolanda can create an atmosphere for awareness, change and growth. It is an experience of a lifetime.” – Barbara

“Yolanda has a unique ability to create a space that encourages participants to express their individual experience yet is able to maintain the integrity of the group as a whole. The program “Keeping the Inner Fire Alive” was well thought out and diverse in it’s activities to explore this theme. Yolanda has a keen ability to sense the needs of the group. She is flexible and spontaneous. These qualities allow for freedom within the structure as set forth in the program. Bali was the second International retreat I have participated in with Yolanda. It was the perfect setting to calm the mind and awaken spirit. Both trips have left an indelible mark of self-knowledge that remains alive to this day” – Ruth G.

“Yolanda’s retreat was a mirror of life…Every moment I was challenged by my judgments and beliefs…Yolanda handled each of us with compassion, gentleness and strength and most of all wisdom.” – Catherine

“Wow! An experience of a lifetime! My transformation continues. Catapulted into continued self-discovery. Life altering, learning experience. Yolanda Koumidou’s presence, through simple techniques and concepts, facilitated my personal and professional transformation — spiritually, physically, and psychologically…Life lessons were learned – self-discovery unfolded.” – Lorraine

“The environment was beautiful, completely different and totally captivating…The work we did with Yolanda was inspiring both individually and as a group…I will never forget this experience.” – Amber

“This has been a life changing experience…” – Geralyn

“This was my first spiritual journey overseas. It was like nothing that i ever experienced in the States. If you are open, willing and trusting, you will find a new way, a new sense of yourself in the world after such experience. I thank you from my soul.” – Mary Jo

“This was my fourth international retreat. Yolanda’s ability to choose the people for each trip continues to astound me…These retreats have truly changed my life…” – Geralyn

“This retreat (in Greece) was by far the most intensive. Experienced openings in life as deep as the Mediterranean sea and as never before. A catapulting experience.” – L.F.

“This retreat allowed for soul-searching and exploration. Being in an unfamiliar place is essential to allow this process to unfold…” – A.S.

“Embracing the unknown, I emerged from my primary self and found my breath. Our retreat to Greece has been one of the best experiences in my life and I treasure the group and those precious memories we shared. The love and compassion I feel with Yolanda continues to awaken my spirit.” – Aphrodite

Couples Retreats

“It was hard work, it was fun, it was romantic and I haven’t laughed so much in years.” – Evelyn

“This retreat was life changing. My husband and I connected on levels we never could in our fourteen years of marriage. Leaving us feeling more connected like never before. With a better understanding of the rhythms of our relationship.” – Connie

“I think any married couple should attend a weekend like this. It opens up your eyes about each other and can only improve your relationship.” – Tim

“Spending time with my husband at the Winter Cove Inn with Yolanda was a wonderful experience. The Inn made the work on our relationship somehow enchanting. The mountains, snow and wraparound porch were magnificent. And of course Yolanda, as always, is a great teacher.” – Barbara

“I would recommend this type of retreat for all couples. Those with severe problems as well as those who just need a little help to improve. This was great!” – Richard

“A wonderful opportunity to be with my partner in a neutral environment and listen to each other with no judgments, increased understanding and with respect and honor for our different energies and uniqueness.” – Mary

“A well-prepared retreat guided by a fearless leader, willing to challenge and able to make us comfortable.” – Urs

“The couples retreat was the best investment in time and money to provide a place where I could see new birth into the relationship and how to protect it.” – Kevin

“Our couples weekend retreat with Yolanda was truly amazing. It was both intense and rewarding. Yolanda is insightful, compassionate and affirming. We are so glad that we took the time out of our busy lives to give ourselves this gift.” – G & H

“We didn’t know what to expect. We’ve learned to allow the energy to flow which directed us, rather than an agenda that adds pressure. That allowance to drift with the ideas, thoughts and emotions unlocked much that has been concealed and suppressed for so long. Today we are aware of all that drives our personalities and how to recognize it in each other rather than react. Our couples retreat with Yolanda fed our souls. What we gained is hard to explain. We cherish our self discoveries. Yolanda is truly gifted!” – Shakti & Ali

“Definitely worth every moment.” – Jim

“…my husband loved the tools we came to get and that to me means the weekend has been more than successful.” – Raimonda

“Twenty times more valuable than a ski vacation…. Should be taught to every couple who cares about one another and themselves. Extremely helpful. More than an investment. A gift.” – Paul

“The retreat was a real eye-opener. I would highly recommend it to any couple regardless of their stage of life or state of mind.” – Ralph

“This is a life-changing event.” – Teresa

“As always, I have grown as a person and developed a deeper awareness in both my partner and myself.” – Lauren

Individual Retreats

“An opportunity to get away, immerse yourself in nature and learn about the different parts of ourselves that make us who we are.” – Rosemary

“…Once I let go and trusted Yolanda’s guidance, I enjoyed the most incredible weekend of discovery, growth and renewal.” – Jim

“My Private Retreat
Heart wrenching.
Digging down into the depths of my soul,
Reaching for an unknown that
Was felt only by my inner self.
It’s dark, so very dark,
Like the thick, black clouds in a thunderstorm.

And just like in a storm,
The darkness moves away
And it makes room for the clear, bright light.
My light now radiates from within.
My heart no longer hurts.
My soul no longer wanders.
My head no longer worries.
Peace is within me. ”
– name withheld

“…During my recent one-to-one retreat with Yolanda, many lines of thought and exploration came into sharp focus. Through Voice Dialogue and other external and internal exercises, my weekend goal of “leaving here a different person”, was effected. This is not the culmination of one weekend’s effort, but it is indicative of what can be accomplished with personal effort and secure knowledgeable guidance.” – Armand

“The weekend was an eventful, peaceful and joyful journey. It started North on the drive to Schoharie, then proceeded into the abundance of nature – water, woods, birds, stars, and fresh air. Next, safely and with a trustworthy guide, I was able to sit in silence and hear the secrets at the center of my being. What a great opportunity to explore, rest, play, move, grow and just be in the present moment. ” – name withheld

“Just outside of NYC lies a place in the mountains where I traveled about 1000 miles into my inner-self… with Yolanda by my side, I experience a healing that will last me a lifetime. I grew to understand and respect the painful events that seem to define my life. On tree stumps, I found answers. In babbling brooks, I revisited my childhood… On mountain top rocking chairs, I relieved experiences and sent them soaring into the air… I believe that if you are feeling unsure of yourself, a visit to the Retreat Center will help beyond your wildest imagination…” – Rona

Group Retreats

“A unique experience. Yolanda’s carefully orchestrated (R. E. S. T.℠) retreat will leave you with a greater sense of peace, healing and strength than you had before…The journey is not easy, but no journey is if it’s worth taking.” – Suzanne M.

“Yolanda’s retreats are life changing…Yolanda is an intuitive, compassionate, exceptional teacher and leader….Would come again next year as I have for the last few years as each experience is different every time…” – Donna Fiumara

“This weekend retreat (R. E. S. T.℠) …was a delightfully introspective one. Many exercises were utilized by the group members to examine more deeply our life choices and approaches to greater fulfillment. Yolanda is a wonderful teacher and guide. She is patient and thoughtful facilitator. I recommend this restful and life changing experience for anyone wishing to see their journey from a fresh perspective.” – Karen H.

“I went on Yolanda’s retreat not knowing what to expect, only to find that the meaning of my happiness is in the loosening of my expectations.” –
Christopher Loughlin

“I highly recommend it! It was helpful in areas I did not expect. I faced many issues as well as relaxed and laughed like I haven’t laughed in years.” – Rosemary

“‘Back to Nature’ at it’s best! Thoughts provoking and inspiring. Restful yet spiritually energizing. I leave feeling fulfilled and better equipped for whatever life has in store for me.” – Roxanne

“The retreat was an opportunity to slow down, quiet down and listen to parts of myself that are over extended and exhausted as well as parts of myself that need more time and attention…I feel more balanced and ready to re-enter my everyday world.” – Mary

“How can I capture this experience with words? I can’t.  Through this experience I can see more clearly, I can hear more clearly, I can be. I feel connected, for the first time in a long time, with earth and with myself.  Thank you.” – Xylina